My Two Dads - Paul Reiser’s first show
That Was a Show?August 15, 2023x
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My Two Dads - Paul Reiser’s first show

The year was 1987 and comedies about multiple straight men raising children together and acting domestic was all the rage! That year saw the movie Three Men and a Baby, the start of Full House…but wait, there was one more lesser known show to hit the airwaves: My Two Dads! Starring Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan as the two dads, and Staci Keanan as the daughter who enters their lives by surprise at the age of 12. Her mother passed away and left her to the care of these two men in her will, because one of them is the biological father—but nobody knows which one. Oh, and the judge who presided over allowing this to actually happen also becomes their landlord. Brynn, Aaron and Barry marvel at what might actually be the most extreme New York loft they’ve ever seen on TV.

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