George & Leo - Starring Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsch
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George & Leo - Starring Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsch

George & Leo WAS a show. Bob Newhart played George—which is his actual first name in real life, thus keeping up the tradition of naming every single show he did after himself. George is the owner of a charming little bookshop on the equally charming little island of Martha’s Vineyard. His son Ted, played by Jason Batement, is engaged to be married to Casey, played first by Bess Meyer and then later by Robyn Lively. Casey’s father Leo, played by Judd Hirsch, shows up unexpectedly after being estranged from her for several years. He ran away to work as a magician in Vegas…but actually as a lackey for mobsters, and general ne'er-do-well. He ends up moving into the spare bedroom upstairs above the bookshop. The mild-mannered and uptight George butts heads with the smooth-talking yet shifty Leo, turning them into the perfect ‘odd couple’ for 1997. Brynn, Aaron and Barry try to figure out why this charming little show only lasted one season.

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