Badaptation: Uncle Buck (1990) Somehow not starring John Candy!
That Was a Show?February 15, 2024x
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Badaptation: Uncle Buck (1990) Somehow not starring John Candy!

1989 saw the release of one of the most memorable cinematic comedies of all time, the John Hughes classic Uncle Buck starring the incomparable John Candy and Macaulay Culkin. A mere one year later, a sitcom version was released featuring practically none of the original cast. The replacements try their darnedest to replicate the unique charm of the film, which is of course the story of three kids left in the care of their rough-around-the-edges uncle Buck Russell whilst their parents leave town to attend to a family emergency. The show has a premise that has been modified in dark and strange ways to suit the format of an ongoing series. Brynn, Aaron and Barry light up cigars, hop in the old ‘77 Mercury and try to figure out why this version of the heartwarming family story backfired. (Fans of the movie will get that reference!)

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