Free Spirit - or Witch Nanny? Featuring young Alyson Hannigan
That Was a Show?May 20, 2022x
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Free Spirit - or Witch Nanny? Featuring young Alyson Hannigan

Free Spirit WAS a show. A single dad struggles to balance his at-home law practice with raising three kids. When his youngest son casually wishes for someone who’ll pay more attention to him, a witch named Winnie literally drops from the sky into their lives. Dad doesn’t know she’s a supernatural being and hires her as a housekeeper, nanny, mother figure, and possibly a love interest? Yikes is right! Winnie is magic, and can make pretty much anything appear on command. But can she charm her way into this family’s hearts? Obviously yes. Oh, and Alyson Hannigan plays the middle child—and proto-Meg Griffin type—in one of her first roles ever. Brynn, Aaron and Barry conjure up some theories as to why this 1989 trope-fest was quickly made to disappear.

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